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Monday, January 13, 2014


I'm about to launch into the non-fiction arena of teaching a philosophy for achieving our unique and individual passions that has taken years for me to build the courage to do. As a writer of romance and women's fiction, this  topic is the polar opposite of my current author career path. So, why take such a leap?

Because I experienced a metaphysical phenomenon over 30 years ago that I could not explain easily to anyone without sounding like a complete and utter lunatic. Yet, for thirty years, this experience has percolated within me where I spent years of soul-searching and discussions with folks willing to listen. I keep coming up with the same conclusion. I can no longer care whether or not you think I'm insane. I must tell you guys what I know.

I'm titling my Blogger Spot The Great "What If . . ." because the best way to approach this topic of living our lives in perfection and abundance which is the only reason why we were created, is to present the information in a series of discussions as . . . what if this were possible? I can say, there is no secret to personal success. The answer is so damned simple it's embarrassing.

I honestly believe that what I experienced can change the world. One person at a time. This may sound like grandiose global thinking, but given today's technology, coupled with no fear and an open mind? Wow. Anything can happen.

So. For better or worse, I'm taking the leap. What If. . . I had the answer to your success, happiness, world peace, the end of hunger, poverty, war and the return to a pristine and healthy planet. Would you listen?