Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What if . . . Your Body is the Car You Drive?

Wait a minute. Pull over! What did I just say?

For years after my initial encounter with what I shall affectionately call my "First Eye", I became immersed in questions arising from the many What ifs tumbling around my head from the experience. I started reading. Voraciously. M. Scott Peck, St. Augustine, Kahlil Gibran, Eckhart Tolle, Miguel Ruiz. A Course in Miracles. The Bible. Ghandi. Gangaji. I can go on. . .  I attended self-awareness classes, yoga instructions, queried on other religious beliefs besides my own. Even considered atheism. I spent years talking with psychologists. In later years when it came into existence, I cruised the Internet for more information to substantiate the fact that I encountered a Being greater than I, who just may have been my Creator.

With every direction I took I became more aware of my body as one part of my existence and my soul as the driving force behind my flesh and bone. One morning as I jumped into my car in a rush to get somewhere, it occurred to me that perhaps as my body formed in my mother's womb, my soul climbed into my body just as I was climbing into my car. Take that a step further, and I concluded that as my life unfolded,whether or not my soul took the wheel or just came along for the ride was totally up to me. I am inclined to think that soul thinking or mind thinking are choices of Free Will.

So, check out your car. Who is at the wheel? I am inclined to think that so much of today's world thinking is mind-based (a.k.a. Ego-based) and emotional-based, and that without nurturing soul thinking--or paying attention to the signals our souls send us to ignite soul thinking--we pretty much become like careening or untuned cars that take us to our destination (sometimes not exactly on the route we wanted!) without fully enjoying the ride.

Mind you, I am not bashing emotional/mind-based or Ego-based thinking. Nay! Nay! On the contrary, all are as critical to our existence as soul thinking. I am saying, that if all four pistons are firing together, what a ride we'll have! Our precious bodies are sheer perfection. Our brain is indescribably magnificent--and we are only using 10% for current thinking! Our emotions carry us on all the wonderful waves of sensation we experience. Now, imagine: What if our souls, which are connected to our Creator (which means every other person in Creation as well), become the drivers of our bodies--taking directions from the mind but ultimately handling the car? I can absolutely guarantee you that "accidents" would be far and few.  And, if we did, the accident would become part of the experience as our souls worked together to repair the scene.

Soul thinking is concerned with everyone's (including our own) outward well-being. I believe that with soul thinking engaged, nothing but harmony would result in our world. Soul thinking comes from our connection to something greater than we. Therefore, soul thinking tempers aggression born from feeling separate in the world.  (I can just imagine someone waving and smiling at me instead of flashing me the "bird" when I accidentally cut them off on the road! I'd probably have an accident out of sheer shock!) 

So, the next time you turn the key or push that button to start your precious vehicle, imagine that your soul has done the same with you. Imagine where your body can take you! How does that affect your thinking now?