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Friday, January 17, 2014

Blog #2 What if . . . The Truth Is The Truth?

What If . . . I were to tell you a lie and you believed me? Would it matter? In the long run? No. Because the Truth is the Truth and the Truth always surfaces. 

Would telling a lie destroy my credibility with you? Absolutely. I cannot imagine a single reason why I would enjoy destroying your confidence in me, so I simply would not lie. But, what if I told you a lie thinking it was the Truth? No worries there because, once again, the Truth would eventually find its way to light. If I were willing to accept the error and you were willing to forgive, then the Truth would set us free to enjoy each other once more.

One of the greatest foundations between all creatures is trust. We as sentient human beings extending trust outward into the world, one person at a time, would create a ribbon of good will that can extend around the globe for everyone’s best interests, no?

Well, how can we establish that level of trust? How do we ensure that we could trust strangers with all the hype and misinformation that bombards us daily?

Well, until everyone gets to this understanding, unquestioned trust may take some time. Trust has to come from within—and in today’s day and age, it may take some practice. Where to begin?

Permit me to make a leap here: Begin by trusting yourself.

We all can say we have experienced an unusual event that we would call strange, bizarre or just not possible. Instead of blowing off the experience as stupid, or impossible, what if you were to accept that odd occurrence as a possibility? What if what you experienced really did happen and you accepted it as true with the consideration that although the event seemed odd, unusual or impossible, you simply did not yet understand the truth behind the event?

Isn’t that more freeing than thinking you may be wrong? Or stupid? Or . . . crazy?

Say, you’re thinking about someone. The phone rings and it’s him or her on the phone. Coincidence? Maybe. Or better yet, a telepathic connection? Would you be willing to trust your internal sensors or instinct that someone was thinking of you—or vice versa—and you connected?

This is a small example, but I hope you get my drift. Freedom to achieve your dreams and fulfill the reason(s)you were born begins with trusting all your senses. Your instincts.

I suggest you think of a moment when something happened you couldn’t explain, but for the life of you, you’d like to believe it was true. I suggest, what if your experience was true?

I’ll trust you enough to tell you one of mine (because they happen all the time!) if you trust me enough to tell me one yours. I’ll go first in the next blog if you’ll promise to share as well. You can start now or wait until the next post. Are you interested in talking more?